Thursday, October 28, 2010

Coo Sleeping Deeply - ぐっすりクー

Coo was sleeping so deeply putting his nose into his tail.  It is very hard to tell where his eyes are located.

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Square Coo - 四角いクー

Coo loves bookself. Coo has grown up too big to fit into the shelf.  But, once getting through, Coo is square.


Another recent favorite is the banister on the second floor. Coo is a Siberian Forest Cat, and it is reasonable that he likes elevated places.  It seems to be fun for him to see us from there. It's his spot. He goes into sleep soon.

最近のお気に入りは二回の階段の手すり。クーは「Siberian Forest Cat」、シベリアの森にいたネコだから、高いところが好きなのも頷ける。高いところから人間界を見ているのは楽しそうだし、落ち着けるようだ。直に寝てしまう。

This is also his recent favorite place - on a TV set. It's still too high for Coo to get on it without thrashing his hind legs. He watches TV programs from there and comes onto someone's head.

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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bubble Wrap - プチプチ(気泡シート)

Bubble wrap is Coo's recent favorite. When I come back home, he see me at the entrance and then guide me to the bubble wrap to play with me. His glowing eyes through bubble wrap sheet.

He weighed 4.8 kg last week (10 months old).

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