Sunday, March 13, 2011

How to Generate Money for Donation!

Because I asked many of my friends yesterday to do "what they can" for the Great Tohoku Kanto Earthquake, I did "what I can" today.

Several days ago, I saw Costco ad on a large SONY LCD TV with 3D and Wi-Fi functions, which prompted me to buy a new one - current one is 45" 10-year old SONY reflection TV.

After deep consideration and thorough comparison, I and my wife decided to give up SONY and to buy VIZIO without 3D and Wi-Fi which is >$500 cheaper than SONY. In addition, we went our for Costco in New Hampshire to save some tax.

Of course I will send this $500 to Japan. Although SONY pictue quality "may" be a bit better, it is more worthy to use the money to help with recovery efforts after the disaster in Japan, isn't it?

Coo is dying with curiosity on any "new" stuff. He is a kitten even though he is >12 lb.

He jumped into the large box of the new TV, but could not come out. Coo would be dumped into the dustbin at this moment if in the wild.

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Coo in my Suitcase - スーツケースの中のクー

Suitcases were pulled out from the basement to start packing for our trip to Europe from Monday next week. As expected, Coo came around and settled down in the suitcase.


Coo was the first thing to be in my brand new carry-on size suitcase. He will never miss it.

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